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    Dominican Republic, the Caribbean’s most visited destination, has always been known as an exceptional location to enjoy the sun, beautiful beaches, delicious piña coladas, and exhilarating adventures. In other words, this is THE place to be for an extraordinary and unforgettable vacation! Over the years, our clientele has diversified thanks to an offer that caters to the specific needs of each and every one of our guests. While the 1960’s were a decade of celebrity visitors (as is this is still the case, especially the Hollywood stars!), there has been a steady increase in about every possible kind of traveler since then, from families to couples looking for a romantic destination to thrill seekers looking for an ecotourist adventure. Whatever type of guest you are, you can expect an unforgettable vacation tailored to your preferences as well as top notch facilities and fun activities!

    If you haven’t visited Dominican Republic in recent years, you’ll be happy to know that development of luxury and prestige establishments has accelerated significantly over the past decade, in each and every region of the island! As a result, many hotels currently boast a 5-star rating, which means they offer the highest level of luxury, personalized services, and amenities. Of course, the growing interest in luxury accommodations is not new, but the number of such establishments has never been as high as it is today.
    And one simply cannot overlook the tasty Dominican cuisine, which is remarkably diverse. The local specialties go far beyond the classic Caribbean rice and beans, and we strongly suggest you indulge in the excellent meat, fish and seafood dishes, while also discovering Dominican Republic’s culinary specialties of the such as Bandera Dominicana, mangú, tostones and much more.
    Magnificent facilities and rooms, exceptional cuisine, bars, spas, dream golf courses and more means your expectations are sure to be met during your next Dominican Republic vacation. Be sure to have a look at what is waiting for you on your next trip to our beautiful country.

    1) 5-star hotels and resorts

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    This winter, take a break from the cold and snow to experience everything you’ve been dreaming of: Sea, beaches, fine hotels, gastronomy, spas, golf, and more!

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    Dominican Republic has it all.

    The most straightforward and COVID guidelines in the Caribbean

    There is nothing more important in Dominican Republic than providing you with an exceptional, safe and relaxing vacation. That’s why PCR testing for COVID-19 is not required upon arrival, making it easier and more cost effective for families to travel. Dominican Republic’s guidelines were designed to be the simplest and most straightforward in the entire Caribbean. All hotel staff are fully vaccinated and will soon receive a third dose of vaccine to further protect future visitors while thorough COVID measures are already in place in our hotels to ensure their safety.

    Learn more in this press release.