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    EPISODE 10

    Puerto Plata

    (28 min.) Puerto Plata is one of the most important trading ports in the country. Christopher Columbus and his three ships landed here in 1492. Located in the Northwest side of the island, this region is famous for its resorts like Playa Dorada and Costa Dorada. We can also find here the only cable car in the Caribbean, taking us to the summit of Mount Isabel de Torres, located 793 metres from the city. Our host Daniela Silverio takes you there, and then she will introduce you to Brugal, the best rum in the world, before ending our visit in the magnificent fortress of San Felipe.



    (28 min.) Did you know that the second most important Carnival of the Caribbean, after Rio de Janeiro, is the VEGA carnival in the Dominican Republic? It attracts nearly one million spectators yearly. In this episode, with our host Krista Ochoa, you will discover the passion for Carnival, which takes place every year in February throughout the Dominican Republic, and constitutes an important element of the country’s culture.


    Santo Domingo Musical

    (28 min.) Every Sunday afternoon thousands of people gather in the oldest neighborhood in Santo Domingo to dance to the rhythm of the Bonye group, a group that has become legendary promoting the musical heritage of the Dominican Republic. Founding member and lead singer, Nestor Sanchez, will introduce you to the musical passion that lies deeply within the Dominican people. Come dance with the Bonye group!



    (28 min.) The third most important city of the Dominican Republic, La Romana has become a popular seaside resort not only for its beaches but also for its original attractions and internationally renowned golf courses, considered some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Our host in this episode, Hilda Peguero, not only introduces these sites to us but also walks us through one of the main attractions in the region, the site of Altos de Chavon, a replica of a sixteenth century Mediterranean village.



    (28 min.) Located in the province of Puerto Plata, this village is a paradise for snorkelers, surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers. Because of the strong winds and imposing waves found here year round, enthusiasts of all kinds of board sports consider Cabarete a Mecca. Our host Tomas “Papo” Soñé, an outdoor and extreme sports enthusiast, brings to life this passion for the sea, adventure, and the discovery of an environment rich in plant life and caves.